The Spirit of Harriet Tubman

Finalist, 1999 National Canadian Chalmers Award for ‘Best New Play for Young Audiences’



On a barren stage with only a trunk of costumes, 'The Spirit of Harriet Tubman' uses Harriet's own words in telling the story of her life from her earliest experiences as a slave, through her work on the underground railroad, to her continued commitment to others in her later years.


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Amrita Singh profiles Leslie McCurdy: an actor/playwright who has been coming to Ottawa for more than a decade to perform The Spirit of Harriet Tubman at local area schools.
Plugged In to Ottawa #8, CBC Ottawa

“A wrenching and ultimately inspiring narrative leavened by humour…riveting…the indisputable talents of Leslie ( Lorraine) McCurdy have seen to that!"
Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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A Breathtaking Performance
Excerpt from Poetic Beauty, by Joanne Green.


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An alternate version of The Spirit of Harriet Tubman designed for kindergarten through grade 2 audiences'.