Loved London everybody! I met some fabulous people, saw some of the sights and the question I heard most often was, “When are you coming back to the UK with your show so more people can see it?” One man said it was a good as any other show playing in the Theatre District! I’m glad they like it. I’m hoping to get back as soon as possible!


Still some dates left for this season but next season is already booking! Check my schedule to where I’m going to be through the year and, if you’re interesting in booking, go to the “contact” page to connect with my agents, or feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.


The new show about Shelton Brooks is coming along. We (The Guys in the Band and I) have gotten most of the music down and have performed some of it a couple of times in public. So far the response has been really good. The music is a lot of fun! Hoping to have that one ready for next summer!


Thank you for checking out my website!
Hope all is well with everyone!


I wanted you to know that your show was excellent. Entertaining, educational and inspirational. The Spirit of Harriet Tubman was probably the best value in theatre I have ever had. Unquestionably one of the best performances I have ever attended. Thank-you for the gift of this performance!

- Stephen G. Largy, Mississauga Ontario

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman is a high quality artistic ideal match for educational programming...that captivates students and adults alike!

- Stephen D. Finn
Director of Education and Community Relations
Cincinnati Arts Association